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a film musical

Lennard is 18 and can't make up his mind. But he did at least one thing: He escaped from his Swabian homeland to live in a shared flat in Berlin and now lives with the deeply relaxed Ben and the crazy Fine.

Lennard already has roommates enough. At least in my head. The Heteromacker Boris and his female side Helena, the reasonable Sophia with Lennard's inner child Theo, the pubescent Tess and of course his collected fear potential Jürgen. And everyone tells Lennard their opinion without being asked. No wonder Lennard needs so much time to make up his mind. But especially when it comes to who Lennard could give his heart to, the head cinema is in great shape. And neither Fine nor Ben have any idea who they have brought into the flat share. And most importantly, how many!

In 2017, Kopfkino was nominated for the German Musical Theater Prize in the categories "Best Musical" and "Best Choreography".

KOPFKINO - a film musical - was written by Peter Lund (lyrics) and Thomas Zaufke (music) as a final project for the musical course at the UdK and premiered in 2017 at the Neuköllner Oper in Berlin.

Stageink is now presenting the first further production and amateur premiere of the highly acclaimed play.

(Program in German)
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