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He names Richie Havens, John Martyn, Bill Withers, Lee Hazlewood, Carole King and James Taylor as his role models. From them, he says, he learned to sing a song exactly so that it sounds like himself. In Jeremiah's case, that means full Northern Soul in a convincing baritone voice.

Jonathan Jeremiah
Jonathan Jeremiah Glen nDearing

The early 1970s are aesthetically his favorite, why, he himself can not really describe. The musician loves opulent songs with a warm and full sound. He also likes to use original vintage instruments. The versatile instrumentation is unobtrusive, but refined.

The production is elaborate and stylishly mixed down to the finest detail. And if necessary, a whole orchestra is sometimes engaged. He records analog. This sometimes takes a little longer, but it's worth it. The recordings get exactly the sound they need. Even his first record, "A Solitary Man," took him years to record. He is currently working on the follow-up to his last album, "Good Day. His tour won't be able to stop him, but everything will just take a little longer.

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