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"Germany. A winterstory". The title became a household word, but Heinrich Heine's masterpiece itself is hardly known in its entirety. Georg Stephan brings the entire verse epic to the stage for the first time. He plays 2132 verses freely and without a libretto, which are even more speech than poem.

I longed for the blue smoke / That rises from German chimneys / For nightingales from Lower Saxony / For quiet beech groves. While drunk, he confesses to the Hamburg goddess Hammonia, a lady of dubious character.

Heine constructed the ode for his love-hate relationship with Germany from such and other stanzas. Witty and lively, the poet jumps into the deep end of German history, takes on a red-bearded emperor and howls with the wolves in the Teutoburg Forest.

Georg Stephan (Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Munich Kammerspiele, etc.) has, in addition to »Germany. A Winter's Tale" also Heine's second great verse epic "Atta Troll. A Midsummer Night's Dream« edited for the stage.

George Stephan, drama

(Program in German)