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The combination of the classic novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and choreography by Dwight Rhoden is a real find for fans of high ballet. The strongest international team participated in the creation of the ballet, so that every detail here is pure joy.

The Great Gatsby Ballet

The story of the show began in 2014 on the stage of the Ukraine Palace in Kiev. Since then, The Great Gatsby Ballet has performed in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Geneva, Paris, Madrid, Tel Aviv and other cities and has become the most successful ballet in the history of Ukraine. The production has already been appreciated by more than 100,000 viewers around the world. All of this is the result of the colossal work of the team that brought together the brightest talents from different parts of the world.

There are many familiar names among the creators of The Great Gatsby Ballet. According to the New York Times, Dwight Rhoden is one of the most in-demand choreographers of our time, the founder of the famous Complexions Contemporary Ballet. Denis Matvienko, artistic director and soloist of the production, is the only four-time winner of the Grand Prix of international competitions worldwide, guest soloist of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Opera Garnier in Paris and the New National Theater in Tokyo and the Americanes Ballet Theatre.

Producer Konstantin Meladze provided excellent background music. "The Great Gatsby Ballet" consists of soloists from the best opera houses in the world.

The dancers go on stage in the costumes of the famous Ukrainian brand FROLOV, which, among other things, created Beyonce's dress for her solo concert. Made of sheer fabrics, decorated with stones and hand-embroidered, the images perfectly emphasize the features of The Great Gatsby Ballet characters and the transformation of their characters.

The show captures the atmosphere of America in the 1920s as described in Fitzgerald's novel: the era of art deco and sophisticated parties with sparkling streams. So if you've always wanted a peek into the roaring '20s, The Great Gatsby Ballet is for you.

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