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It is the love story of the American Lost Generation. And it is the ballet event of this fall: THE GREAT GATSBY. The international show project, whose premiere the best ballet masters of three continents have prepared, comes to Berlin.

Szene aus The Great Gatsby Ballet
Szene aus The Great Gatsby Ballet © Art Partner d.o.o.

The international team stands for the highest dance quality, innovation and creativity: Denis Matvienko - world ballet legend, solo dancer of the Marinsky Theatre and the only dancer with four major international ballet awards. Dwight Rhoden - the sought-after choreographer in contemporary dance, founder and art director of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, choreographer of Cirque du Soleil, Madonna, Prince and U2 shows. Konstantin Meladze - one of the most influential composers in Eastern Europe.

The Great Gatsby Ballet ballet ensemble consists exclusively of dancers from leading theatres and ballet companies from the USA, Russia and Ukraine and the world-famous "COMPLEXIONS CONTEMPORARY BALLET".

The Great Gatsby Ballet "inspires audiences and the media alike. 50,000 visitors have seen the performances worldwide so far - for a ballet in the contemporary dance scene, it's a record-breaking performance! A MUST SEE!

Denis Matvienko: "We have not only managed to create a great ballet. We have also put together a unique project with a mixture of modern dance, classical, contemporary and musical elements. The result is a top-class show. If we succeed in setting a new standard in ballet, creating a new form and style - then this is a true victory for us,"

Dwight Rhoden:" Who will like this ballet? I think everyone with an appreciation for high level and innovation. The ballet THE GREAT GATSBY is a fusion of modern choreography and classical ballet. Instead of a set design, we have video projections that not only create an atmosphere, but also create a mood together with the music and show the viewer details that open up his or her entire emotional bandwidth. All this makes the audience more than just observers. The viewer is a direct participant in this great story."

Title role: Denis Matvienko, choreography: Dwight Rhoden, music: Konstantin Meladze based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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