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Discovering the Future

With the Futurium, Berlin has gained an interdisciplinary house of the future in the heart of the city. Visitors of all ages are invited to explore different conceptions of the future - futures.

Futurium Berlin
Futurium Berlin ©, Fotografen: Schnepp Renou

The Futurium is intended to provide space for visions and approaches from science and research for solving central challenges of the future. At the core of this is always the question "How do we want to live?"

In the exhibition on the upper floor, three large "thinking rooms" focus on our future relationship with technology, nature and ourselves. Robot humans, greened skyscrapers, collaborative economies: There are endless possibilities for thinking about the future. The exhibition will present and discuss different futures: How do we want to work and live in the future? How do we want to deal with technical progress and actively shape it? What ethical and social consequences are associated with new developments? How can we develop individually and at the same time manage natural resources sustainably? 

The Futurium Lab in the basement is a place for experimentation, participation and self-development. Here there is a future workshop with 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines and robot arms. Interactive and imaginative installations on the topics of bio-design, future architecture or artificial intelligence are presented in the showcase. The Lab is also available for workshops and playful development of future knowledge. 

The (at the moment often digital) event program sets impulses to discuss together ways to a future worth living and to have exciting debates. With many participative formats, contents from science are to be conveyed in a form that is close to life. And where rationality reaches its limits, the artistic examination of future issues enables new approaches.

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