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With stunning natural imagery and attention to every detail, Barrie Kosky presents Tchaikovsky’s soulful drama about the hopes, longings, and failures of four young people who come to realize in the end that happiness was almost within reach.

When the poet Lensky visits his fiancée Olga and brings along his mysterious friend Eugene Onegin, Olga’s introverted sister Tatyana is immediately hooked. But Onegin rejects her supplication. Years later, he meets her again, but now it is she who doesn’t want to hear his sudden pleas for love ...

It was with Eugene Onegin that Tchaikovsky achieved his breakthrough as an opera composer, making an unparalleled contribution to modern music theatre.

With its opulent stage design, Barrie Kosky’s production captures the poetry of the characters and their tragedy, set in the vastness of a natural space.

Supported by Tchaikovsky’s unforgettable music, Eugene Onegin is a ‘delicate psychogram of young people who are just learning for the first time what irreversible decisions truly mean’ [BR KLASSIK].

  • 2 hr 45 min incl. intermission

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Additional information
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyLyrical scenes in three acts [1879]Libretto by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky and Konstantin S. Shilovsky based on the verse novel of the same name by Alexander S. Pushkin

Koproduktion mit dem Opernhaus Zürich
Participating artists
Simon Berger (Dramaturgie)
Klaus Bruns (Kostüme)
David Cavelius (Chöre)
Franck Evin (Licht)
James Gaffigan (Musikalische Leitung)
Barrie Kosky (Inszenierung)
Rebecca Ringst (Bühnenbild)
Günter Papendell (Jewgeni Onegin)
Ruzan Mantashyan (Tatjana)
Deniz Uzun (Olga)
Gerard Schneider (Lenski)
Stefanie Schaefer (Larina)
Tijl Faveyts (Fürst Gremin)
Margarita Nekrasova (Filippjewna)
Ferhat Baday (Zarezki)
Christoph Späth (Triquet)
Carsten Lau (Ein Hauptmann)
Jan-Frank Süße (Ein Hauptmann)