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The end of marriage. For a revolution in love« – Emilia Roig in conversation with Malcolm Ohanwe

Marriage is sacred in this society. Despite its institutionalization, it is romanticized and mythically transfigured as the epitome of love. Marriage for women often exacerbates inequality and leads to financial dependency.

The bestselling author Emilia Roig looks behind the facade of a patriarchal construct and points the way to a revolution in love. Marriage normalizes relationships and family, controls sexuality, property and labor. It is an important pillar of capitalism and keeps us stuck in binary gender roles.

In her courageous and provocative book, Emilia Roig therefore proclaims the end of marriage. She questions the dominance of couples and examines whether it is possible to love men and overthrow patriarchy at the same time. Ultimately, abolishing marriage would be liberating not just for women, but for everyone. Because only then can we rethink and live love in freedom and at eye level with each other.

(Program in German)

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