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Marie, a prominent architect expecting her first child, wants to realise her vision of country life with urban aspirations in Berlin’s hinterland. A historic villa on the lake, only a 40-minute drive away from the city centre, is to be transformed into an international, sustainable co-working/gardening space.

Her husband Gerhart intends to dedicate himself to his doctoral thesis on Applied Animal Sociology in the countryside’s absolute peace and quiet.
His mother Erica moves in with them to support the young family with a special healing method.

But despite their proximity to nature, the longed-for peace and quiet remain elusive.
The new-born baby will not stop crying and then Margarete shows up to rent a co-working space – an attractive digital nomad, staunch champion of the principle of sharing and at home wherever she can find Wi-Fi. 

Felicia Zeller’s play, inspired by Gerhart Hauptmann, tells a witty story about the loneliness of a generation who are trying to unite their delusions of grandeur with sustainability and respond to the destruction of nature with creating a cult of nature.

These people are revolving around themselves, aiming their monologues at each other along crossed wires because there is something that talks through them relentlessly: an inner unrest, a narcissistically charged yearning that no landscape in the world can quench.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Von Felicia Zeller nach Gerhart Hauptmann (Autor/in)
Nina Bruns (Margarete)
Sina Martens (Marie)
Corinna Kirchhoff (Erika)
Gerrit Jansen (Gerhart)
Oliver Kraushaar (Bölsche)
Bettina Bruinier
Justina Klimczyk
David Rimsky-Korsakow
Bahar Meriç
Ayse Gülsüm Özel
Mario Seeger
Amely Joana Haag