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According to the children's and house tales of the Brothers Grimm for children from 4 years

Once upon a
time there was a king and a queen. One day they had a child. The joy was great
and the king gave a great feast. Everyone wished the child all the best. Only
one fairy screamed angrily:

PuppenTheater Felicio, Prenzlauer Berg
PuppenTheater Felicio, Prenzlauer Berg © tic / Andreas Schmidt

At the age of 15, the king's daughter was supposed to stab herself at a spindle and drop dead. The king's daughter actually pricked herself on a spindle on her 15th birthday. However, she did not die, but fell into a hundred-year sleep. One day a prince saved her. He kissed the beautiful sleeping girl and she woke up again. Sleeping Beauty and the Prince married and lived happily ever after.  

Director: Harald Press, Set: Barbara & Günter Weinhold, Stage design: Jens Arnold A production of the Puppet Theatre Felicio, Karsten-Toni Ackermann

(program in german)

Due to the prescribed Corona safety distance only a limited number of spectators is possible, please make an appointment in advance at:
Phone: 030/ 446 73 530
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