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Funky Monster

Imagine, in the far reaches of the galaxy, lives a
peculiar and amusing alien monster with an undeniable appetite
for funky music named Larry.

When Larry’s passion for infectious grooves grew, he decided to travel to Earth using his advanced alien technology traveling device called the Chrono Cruiser.

Just arrived, he got stuck to four musicians with the same shared love for catchy tunes with soulful retro vibes and a blend of tight grooves and fiery solos.

  • Philipp Cieslewicz - keys
  • André Matov - guitar
  • Ofer Wetzler - bass
  • Yatziv Caspi - drums

Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.

Note: The Peppi is a smoking bar. Admission from 18 years.

Live auf YouTube