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The Reich Banner Black-Red-Gold association of republican war veterans was founded in February of 1924, as a cross-party organization for the protection of the Weimar Republic.

Social Democrats and members of the German Democratic Party (DDP) and the German Center Party joined the association to help reinforce the republic and uphold the constitution. Many of them had been soldiers in World War I.

The Reich Banner soon had up to three million members. They fought National Socialism and anti-Semitism, left-wing and right-wing extremism. The Reich Banner was outlawed in 1933 and its activists were persecuted, imprisoned, or driven into exile.
This open depot displays items testifying to the history of the Reich Banner Black-Red-Gold, reflecting this democratic mass organization's political work and social development. The documents, photos, and objects were mainly collected by the Hamburg branch of the Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold, Bund aktiver Demokraten association. Details on the items on display in the open depot can be called up at the research station.
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