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Believe in Magic

What once began with a little mouse has evolved into a fascinating world of unique Disney stories and distinctive melodies that evoke memories across generations.

For the sixth time in 2024, Disney in Concert delves into the musical cosmos of Disney and promises an enchanting live experience.

The audience will embark on a unique journey through the most successful songs of the most beautiful Disney films such as "Encanto", "Cinderella", "Coco", "Mulan" or "Rapunzel - Newly Spoiled" and may experience the greatest moments full of magic once again on the big screen - more intensively than ever before. 

Under this year's motto "Believe in Magic", star soloists together with the magnificent Hollywood Sound Orchestra create fabulous moments that call on you to believe in the impossible! With the overwhelming performance of the film scenes on the big screen, the multimedia live experience becomes a fantastic adventure.

The Lineup:

In 1999, Drew Sarich was allowed to play the role of Quasimodo in the world premiere of the Disney musical "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". In 2023 he was already on the big "Disney in Concert" stage for some dates. Willemijn Verkaik was already part of "Disney in Concert" in 2016 and 2017. Since mid-October 2023, she has been thrilling audiences as Elsa in "The Ice Queen - The Musical" in Hamburg and has shone in the past as Kala in the musical "Tarzan."

Lars Redlich was also part of the "Disney in Concert" family in 2016 and took the audience on an unforgettable journey to the world of "The Jungle Book", among others. Gino Emnes, who embodied the role of Simba in the German-language premiere cast of "The Lion King" in 2001, will now join "Disney in Concert" for the first time.

Judith Caspari already enriched "Disney in Concert" in 2022 and presented songs from films such as "Hercules" or "Merida - Legend of the Highlands".

Andreas Bongard was part of the European tour "Disney100: The Concert" and performed from Disney movie highlights like "Hercules" or "Tarzan".

Romina Langenhan is new to the Disney cosmos and will be the presenter together with Lars Redlich.

Further cast members will be announced shortly.

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