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Mobile map of historical traces of Berlin's industrial heritage

From the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in Prussia to the decline of the "Elektropolis" after the Second World War, Berlin, more than any other European capital, was shaped by the development of technology and industry.

Naturschutzzentrum Ökowerk Berlin e. V.
Naturschutzzentrum Ökowerk Berlin e. V. © Foto: Oliver Mann/Maschinenhalle

The evidence of this development - commercial and industrial sites, transformer stations, tenement blocks, etc. - still influence the special flair of Berlin today. The mobile map bundles together places where the historical traces of the industrial heritage are still visible in Berlin's cityscape, and ten themed routes invite visitors to take a voyage of discovery through the city.

Are you missing a location or do you find a theme underrepresented? Do you have know-how and material with which to support the project? Please contact us, we look forward to working with you!re!
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