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Hip-hop with attitude, that is the Hamburg hip-hop artist DISARSTAR. He takes an emphatic and blunt political stance in his songs. In his lyrics, DISARSTAR combines the rugged directness of street and battle rap with pointed socio-political observations.

© Foto: Prokura Nepp

DISARSTAR consciously and completely renounces the status and macho posturing of the usual style. On stage DISARSTAR unfolds all his charisma and an energy that was transferred to the audience at all performances from the beginning. Who ever was there, will come back again!

Already with his debut "Kontraste" (2015) as well as with the follow-up "Minus x Minus = Plus" (2017) DISARSTAR conquered the Top 20 of the German album charts. He also caused a sensation with his current album "Bohemien", which was released in February 2019. For this, he was showered with praise by the trade press.

The concerts of his Bohemien Tour 2019 were almost universally sold out. They were celebrated with mosh pits & pogo interludes. The 2019 tour lineup was strengthened by a real drummer, a real bass player and a DJ. The visitors:inside of further festivals 2019 were also infected by the DISARSTAR power. A memorable highlight was his performance at Fusion.

DISARSTAR is full of energy again on the new tour. His fans will be amazed!

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