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String Quartets by Haydn and Schubert

Joseph Haydn’s Opus 9—written around 1770 and the first group of works the composer included in the complete edition of his quartets for the Vienna publishing house of Artaria—marks the beginning of the Classical string quartet’s history. Ten years later, Haydn created one of the genre’s first true highlights with his Opus 33.

The Chiaroscuro Quartet, performing on gut strings in a historical sound, complements two of these masterpieces with Schubert’s equally celebrated “Rosamunde” Quartet of 1824.

  • Joseph Haydn - String Quartet in D minor Hob. III:22 Op. 9 No. 4
  • Joseph Haydn - String Quartet in D major Hob. III:42 Op. 33 No. 6
  • *** - ***
  • Franz Schubert - String Quartet in A minor D 804 "Rosamunde"

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Chiaroscuro Quartet
Alina Ibragimova
Benjamin Marquise Gilmore
Emilie Hörnlund
Claire Thirion