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You collect. I chase! The theatrical comedy for all who lead, led or want to lead a relationship! CAVEMAN takes a very unique look at the relationship between man and woman.

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In the "magic underwear circle" Tom, the sympathetic hero in the relationship thicket, meets his ancestor from the Stone Age, who lets him share millennia of wisdom: Men are hunters and women are gatherers, a fact that human evolution has not been able to change. What the average man has always suspected, Tom now knows firsthand, and wonders, "Why don't we just think of women and men as completely different cultures?"

With different languages, different behaviors, and different backgrounds?" Energized by this realization, Tom analyzes the alienating universe of female collectors: This mysterious world of best friends, shopping and sex.

With immense need to communicate and dry humor and ironic look, Tom also observes the hunter's way of life. He reveals the fulfillment that can come from "sitting around without talking," why men need to zap through television programming, and that a conversation among hunters begins and ends simultaneously with the words, "Let's go down to the basement, drill stuff."

American Rob Becker wrote CAVEMAN, the most successful solo play in Broadway history. After CAVEMAN was acclaimed by an audience of millions in the United States, the modern caveman is enjoying worldwide success. In Germany, the play started in 2000, directed by Esther Schweins and translated by Kristian Bader.

CAVEMAN is pure pleasure: Everyone recognizes each other, guaranteed. Couples look at each other and say "Just like you". The play is addictive, records like: "I was in the show ten times" are not uncommon. A sparkling "one man" spectacle with a lot of humor and definitely depth" says the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, and the opinion of the taz: "The CAVEMAN is not only very true, but also very, very funny."
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