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Chiyan Wong spielt Werke von Ferruccio Busoni, Franz Liszt und Johann Sebastian Bach

Chiyan Wong delights audiences around the world with his unusually broad program. After beginning his musical education in his native Hong Kong, Chiyan moved to England at the age of twelve to study with Norma Fisher and later with Christopher Elton.


  • Ferruccio Busoni - Fragment for Piano, supplemented by Chiyan Wong
  • Ferruccio Busoni - Prélude et étude en arpèges BV 297
  • Franz Liszt - Six Etudes after the Caprices by Niccolò Paganini
  • Intermission
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - "Now come, the heathen savior" BWV 659, arranged for piano by Ferruccio Busoni
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - "Goldberg Variations" BWV 988

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