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Viennese Schools: Beethoven, Schoenberg, Webern, Berg

Alban Berg wrote his Chamber Concerto in 1924 for the 50th birthday of his mentor Arnold Schoenberg. Unlike the ascetic minimalist Anton Webern, Berg overwhelms his listeners with a rich web of musical ideas, voices, and motives.

Leading the Boulez Ensemble, Thomas Guggeis pairs the music of both Schoenberg students and their teacher with works for wind ensemble by Beethoven and Ligeti.

  • György Ligeti - Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - Octet for Winds in E-flat major Op. 103
  • *** - ***
  • Arnold Schoenberg - Six Little Piano Pieces Op. 19
  • Anton Webern - Concerto for Nine Instruments Op. 24
  • Alban Berg - Chamber Concerto for Piano, Violin, and 13 Wind Instruments

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Participating artists
Thomas Guggeis
Michael Barenboim
Karim Said
Boulez Ensemble
Leonid Grudin
Claudia Stein
Mariano Esteban Barco
Sofía Zamora
Matthias Glander
Alexandra Kehrle
Alexander Glücksmann
Ingo Reuter
Aziz Baziki
Ignacio García
Sebastian Posch
Alper Çoker
Filipe Alves
Katia Abdelkader