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Axel Zwingenberger

Sitting at a concert grand piano, he feels at home. Boogie-woogie is his life. Zwingenberger began perfecting his playing on the piano as a young boy. He has not stopped until today. He has already given hundreds of concerts in the most diverse settings with many greats of this genre, but also with young talents. He has internalised the beat and the playing sequence. 

He rounds off his songs with improvisations, so that, as he once said himself, no two concerts are the same. There is no performance without cheers in response to the mischievous smile behind his long hair. Axel Zwingenberger is different from many solo pianists. With little vanity, he is internationally successful. His playing is powerful, but at the same time sensitive and gentle. His technique, in which 250 strokes per minute are not uncommon, inspires piano lovers worldwide.

In an interview Axel Zwingenberger once emphasised: "Playing boogie-woogie is basically something like telling a story."

Let yourself be carried away into the world of pure keyboard sounds and listen to Axel Zwingenberger's unique narration at two concerts.

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