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Betterov is a songwriter with a very own and consistent touch. The songs, located between indie rock and post-punk, deal with the themes of his generation. Growing up, for example. Or what it's like when home is no longer the place to stay. Or the pressure that arises from the endless possibilities and the compulsion to self-optimization, which becomes so great that in the end you may not even make it out of your own room. His song "Angst" is voted No. 1 on the FluxFM listener annual charts at the end of 2020, and with the single "Dussmann" that follows in 2021, Betterov plays his way into the hearts and onto the annual lists of colleagues such as Casper or Kraftklub, among others.


In Berlin in 2015, he had found the environment in which he could develop and which he had previously lacked in his home village. He quickly played his first support slots, including for Enno Bunger and the Kaiser Chiefs, and performed regularly in Berlin clubs and pubs. After his first own tour in April 2022 was completely sold out, Betterov finally comes back to Berlin in November with his new album "Olympia" on tour.

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