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Relaunch of the permanent exhibition

In the Ephraim-Palais Museum, the Berlin City Museum is presenting its newly edited permanent exhibition “BerlinZEIT – The City Makes History!” from December 1st.

City of diversity, disruption and change

In the much-visited Nikolaiviertel, the exhibition offers interested parties from Berlin, all of Germany and the world an entertaining tour of discovery through the centuries and at the same time a comprehensive overview of the sometimes revolutionary events in this city. She takes visitors on a journey through time, from the founding of Berlin to the present and beyond, along defining periods of time and highlighted years. Berlin is told in an easy-to-understand and compact way using numerous original objects as a city of diversity and openness, but also as a city of ruptures and radical change.

Three guiding principles characterize the newly designed and conceptually further developed permanent exhibition: urban development through growth and destruction, tolerance and persecution, domination and co-determination.

The second floor of the museum is dedicated to the period from the emergence of Berlin eight hundred years ago to the November Revolution of 1918. The first floor looks at Berlin, which has grown into a metropolis, from its expansion into the surrounding area in 1920 to the present.

The narrative arc within these time levels runs chronologically, but visitors can decide for themselves where they want to immerse themselves in the city's eventful history. Various media and activation stations offer access to selected content in a varied way - including interviews with Berlin actors from the 1990s from politics, business and culture. Other stations delve deeper into topics such as anti-Semitism, women's rights and gay and lesbian emancipation.

A bilingual audio guide accompanies the exhibition.


The reason for the presentation of “BerlinZEIT” in the Museum Ephraim-Palais is the multi-year, comprehensive renovation of the Märkisches Museum, the traditional location of the Berlin City Museum for permanent exhibitions on Berlin history. After the modernization of the neighboring Marinehaus is completed, both buildings will form the heart of a museum and creative quarter at Köllnischer Park in a few years.

Additional offers

At various points in “BerlinZEIT” there is space to show further diverse perspectives on Berlin’s diverse urban society in the future. A separate event program for the exhibition will also be developed from these exemptions. The third floor in the Museum Ephraim-Palais offers additional space for additional presentations or independent special exhibitions.

With the permanent exhibition, the Nikolaiviertel becomes the central place to explore Berlin's city history: directly opposite the Ephraim-Palais Museum, the Knoblauchhaus Museum is dedicated to Berlin life in the Biedermeier era. The Nikolaikirche Museum, just a few meters away, focuses on the medieval building and the beginnings of Berlin.
Additional information
Price info: Children and youth up to 18 years free admission.

Price: €7.00

Reduced price: €4.00

Reduced price info: Combination ticket6 EuroValid for two consecutive days for the Museum Ephraim-Palais and the Museum Nikolaikirche.