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700 musicians from ten nations

The Berlin Military Tattoo is the most successful show of its kind in Germany. It is one of the largest events in Europe and attracts thousands of visitors.

Music corps, massed pipes and drums, choirs, dancers and soloists of the highest calibre from all over the world present brass music with grandiose choreographies at the BERLIN TATTOO.

In the music industry, the term Tattoo refers to a show of civilian and military brass music as well as military music with a strong event character.

In Berlin's Max-Schmeling-Halle, a gigantic music festival will be celebrated at the BERLIN TATTOO in front of a replica of the Brandenburg Gate:
Emotional, steeped in history, uniting people and incomparable, the Berlin Tattoo is.

700 INTERNATIONAL MUSICIANS: From Mexico to Ukraine

In addition to all the first-class musicians from Germany, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, Mexico, Latvia, Austria, Poland and Italy, the performance by the Ukrainian formation "Chernihiv" will be a special highlight of this year's BERLIN TATTOO.

BERLIN TATTOO: Musical Diversity in Highest Perfection

Traditional brass music, music corps as well as military and representative formations distinguish the BERLIN TATTOO just as much as marching bands and modern interpretations of world-famous melodies. The standard is always first-class music in perfection and lockstep.

Rousing choreographies, surprising show elements and dancers in traditional costumes make up the show character of the BERLIN TATTOO.

The term "tattoo" derives from the Dutch "tap toe" (in German: "Zapfhahn zu" or "Zapfenstreich"). With the pronunciation of this traditional military command by the commander, the taps were once closed, thus initiating the night's rest in the quarters. This signal was given with a musical instrument.
The English language then formed the word "tattoo" from this. Through the traditional custom of the musical accompaniment at that time, the word "tattoo" was assigned the worldwide known meaning of a military music festival.

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