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Guided tour through the former death strip at the Wall Memorial

Follow the course of the Berlin Wall in Bernauer Strasse, where the most dramatic Wall flights took place in the 1960s and where the official Wall Memorial is located today, on this exciting city tour.

Mauerstreifen Bernauer Straße in Berlin
Mauerstreifen Bernauer Straße in Berlin © Bärentouren
In addition to sober facts, you will learn about human fates at the Wall and the separation of families and lovers, as well as about life behind the Iron Curtain and life in divided Berlin.
The guided tour shows the best surviving parts of the Berlin Wall with a completely preserved death strip and watchtower. The memorial site is complemented by numerous audio and visual documentaries, which are commented on during the tour and transport the visitor into the shower of the Wall era.

(Program in German)
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