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Hacke reads - but what does he read? This can not be said so accurately, because Hacke's principle is to bring all his texts on the stage and only to decide in the course of the evening, which he is reading: It is clear that he reads from his latest and very current book: "About the decency in difficult times and the question how we deal with each other".

But then? Perhaps a piece from "The Days I Spent with God," in which, in that wonderfully easy-playful way, which is peculiar to all Hacke books, is no less than the meaning of life? Some of his legendary columns from the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung? One, two chapters about Colonel von Huhn and his irr-poetic menu collection from all over the world? Or a small hit parade of the most beautiful misunderstandings from the Wumbaba trilogy?

One does not know. Every hack-reading is a bit different from all the others: a little wonder. In the end, only the advice given by the Norddeutsche Rundfunk to the audience is certain: "If he makes a public reading, his listeners tend to endow with handkerchiefs because they know the laughter will run."

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