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Medieval settlement findings

Archaeological investigations by the State Office for the Protection of Monuments are currently dominating events at Molkenmarkt.

Area excavations are currently taking place between the Rotes Rathaus and Altes Stadthaus, as well as archaeological monitoring of the road and pipeline construction work over several thousand square meters. Since the founding of Berlin over 800 years ago, this site has been built over layer by layer. The task of the archaeologists is to uncover and document all traces of Berlin's history and to gain new insights into the city's development. The excavations are necessary because the planned new buildings will destroy a large part of the historical traces.

The Molkenmarkt is part of the founding core of Berlin and is located in the middle of the historic center of Berlin between Alexanderplatz and the Spree River. Now you can marvel at the excavation site around this historic location yourself - from your sofa!
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