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Frau mit Hund in Biergarten
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We keep you informed during the Corona crises:


About the current situation in Berlin


Guidelines in view of the corona epidemic in Germany


On our emergency page you will find all important information and updates on the current situation in Berlin. We have compiled the addresses and telephone numbers of embassies, consulates, train stations, airports and hospitals for you.


Our Service Center can provide you with more information

+49 (0) 30 25 00 25

Etiquette & Tipping

What Berliners appreciate

All about the “Berlinish" etiquette and tip.


Tips and VAT are already included in all prices. But if you were satisfied with the service, a little extra tip is recommended.

  • Taxis: 10 per cent
  • Restaurants: 10 – 15 percent of bill
  • Porters: € 2 - 3 per luggage item
  • Room maids: € 2 - 3 per day
  • Hairdressers: 10 percent of price


Smoking is banned in all public buildings, on public transport and its stops and stations. Pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants are subject to the Non-Smoking Act. However, some pubs maintain separate smoker’s rooms or have a permit to allow smoking.


Berlin is the dog capital. However, sharing a city with dogs brings with it a number of issues. Since the summer of 2000, Berlin maintains a Dog Ordinance. If you are a dog owner, please be aware of the following: at public festivals, in parks and woods and on public transport, keep your dog on a lead (no longer than 2 metres). Do not let your dog onto playgrounds or public lawns. There is a special list classifying some dog breeds as dangerous (“fighting dogs”); these breeds are required to wear a muzzle and must always be kept on a lead.