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Frau mit Hund in Biergarten
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Etiquette & Tipping

What Berliners appreciate

All about the “Berlinish" etiquette and tip.


Tips and VAT are already included in all prices. But if you were satisfied with the service, a little extra tip is recommended.

  • Taxis: 10 per cent
  • Restaurants: 10 – 15 percent of bill
  • Porters: € 2 - 3 per luggage item
  • Room maids: € 2 - 3 per day
  • Hairdressers: 10 percent of price


Smoking is banned in all public buildings, on public transport and its stops and stations. Pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants are subject to the Non-Smoking Act. However, some pubs maintain separate smoker’s rooms or have a permit to allow smoking.


Berlin is the dog capital. However, sharing a city with dogs brings with it a number of issues. Since the summer of 2000, Berlin maintains a Dog Ordinance. If you are a dog owner, please be aware of the following: at public festivals, in parks and woods and on public transport, keep your dog on a lead (no longer than 2 metres). Do not let your dog onto playgrounds or public lawns. There is a special list classifying some dog breeds as dangerous (“fighting dogs”); these breeds are required to wear a muzzle and must always be kept on a lead.