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Domäne Dahlem
Domäne Dahlem K. Wendlandt

Domäne Dahlem - Country estate and museum

800 years of Berlin's faming history

The Domäne Dahlem - Country estate and museum is a quiet place in the otherwise busy capital. This unique project combines a working farm with exciting exhibitions and hands-on learning opportunities. At Domäne Dahlem, where land has been cultivated for over 800 years, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about food production - from field to fork, so to speak. This large open-air museum lets visitors see traditional and historic farm machinery and techniques. Visitor participation is welcome.

Country estate and museum rolled into one

By the Middle Ages, Domäne Dahlem is already a well-known country house, built by different owners over the centuries. After World War II, a local citizens group begin to campaign to preserve farming history, and this results in the founding of this unique open-air museum. Since the opening of the museum, there have been regular special events, such as old-fashioned markets and medieval fairs. You can also take a tour of the terracotta-coloured manor house dating from 1560. Inside, you will see the recreation of a merchant's shop in the style of the period, the highlight of which is a hologram shop assistant to help you make your purchases. In the Armbruster Room, you can discover Germany's bee-keeping history with the collection named after the expert in the field, Prof. Dr Ludwig Armbruster. In the butcher's shop, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about sausage making.

Then take a trip next door to the stables where food production is discussed by means of installations, exhibits and multimedia stations showing the path from field to fork. Over three levels full of hands-on displays, you can learn everything about nutrition. The wider Domäne Dahlem collection consists of more than 10,000 historical tools and objects. During the week, you can see these being used by artisans at work. Even better, these workers actively encourage visitors to get involved. Have a go at blacksmithing, pottery, furniture restoring and jewellery making. Finally, visit the estate's inn to sample local dishes made with the farm's food.

The open air museum highlights

  • Comprehensive history of European food in the Culinarium.
  • Guided tours of the estate.
  • Traditional workshops with the blacksmith or furniture restorer.
  • Historic merchant's shop with the hologram of a real merchant.
  • Armbruster Room with information about bee-keeping and the life of Ludwig Armbruster.

Other attractions in Dahlem

The Botanical Museum and adjoining garden is close to the estate and is popular for days out. Some exhibits come from the collection of German botanist Alexander von Humboldt. One of the garden's highlights is the floral tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, found in large tropical glass houses. The Museum Europäische Kulturen is only 10 minutes' walk away, and here you can learn about life in Europe from the 18th century to the present day, with a focus on the Industrial Revolution and the lives of smaller populations such as the Lapps.

Trip to Domäne Dahlem in Berlin
Country estate Domäne Dahlem (c) visumate

Our tips for a visit to Domäne Dahlem - Country estate and museum

The easiest way to the museum is by taking the U3 underground line to Dahlem-Dorf station. This is directly opposite the main estate house. Alternatively, use buses 110, M11 or X83. Visiting the museum requires an entry ticket, and donations are welcome for visits to outside areas. Opening hours vary in winter and summer.

Information for families and children

Domäne Dahlem has much to offer children, young people, parents and grandparents including guided tours and workshops. Please book ahead by phone or online for school groups.

Opening hours (additional information)

Grounds daily 7.00-22.00