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German Spirits Manufactory Berlin
German Spirits Manufactory Berlin © Foto: DSM Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur GmbH

Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur

An incredible variety of spirituous beverages

Fruit spirit, for example from the Williams-Christ pear, is a popular classic among the spirits. Perhaps you have already tried autumn leaf spirit, mountain meadow hay spirit or chanterelle spirit? All of these are served by the Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur.

The creative distillery has dedicated itself entirely to the production of high-quality premium spirits and in doing so continually strives to open up new realms of aromatic indulgence. Thanks to intensive testing and 100% manual work, the new ideas that emerge are developed and improved until they truly spark awe. The manufactory does not use any industrial aromas or colourings. 

In addition to all the exotic and unusual varieties, the Marzahn-based distillery also offers classics such as gin, grain, vodka and liqueurs. If you want to learn even more about the refined spirits and how they are made, you can also take part in workshops, guided tours and tastings: On the first Friday of every month, a guided tour of the manufactory including a tasting will be offered, but you should book tickets online well in advance. They also have a showroom and store now at Brunnenstraße 163 in Mitte.

DSM Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur