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Oranienstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg
Oranienstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg © visitBerlin, Foto: Maxi-Lena Schuleit


A place for art, literature and music

The daadgalerie is the flagship showroom of the Berlin arts programme, originally funded by the Ford Foundation. The gallery has since established itself worldwide as a centre for the creation of contemporary art. Since 1963, more than a thousand artists in the visual arts, literature, music, film and dance have come from abroad to live and work in Berlin under the sponsorship of the daadgalerie. The daadgalerie artists have been responsible for attention-grabbing pieces over the years, such as the current "Tamasha" installation by Indian artist NS Harsha, which can be viewed until 31 July 2013. "Tamasha" shows a group of monkeys who decide to storm the building at Auguststr. 10 and take control. The daadgalerie moved to its present address near Checkpoint Charlie in 2005. Regular exhibitions, installations, readings and concerts are held here.

Opening hours (additional information)
Tue - Sun 12 noon - 7 p.m.