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Comedy Club Kookaburra

The finest entertainment and brilliant comedy

A stage for funny people at any stage of their careers. Comedy Club Kookaburra loves giving over the mike to newcomers and undiscovered talent. Sure to be an entertaining evening with lots of good humour!


At home in trendy Prenzlauer Berg, Comedy Club Kookaburra promises what could be a great night out. Both well-known cabaret artists and comedians take the stage as well as inspiring newcomers from different regions. With lots of humour, wit, and cleverness, the performers manage time and again to get the audiences doubled over with laughter. 

Raising the curtain on the stand-up of the future!

In addition to the well-attended shows with popular artists, the stage is cleared every Sunday night for the next generation. Everyone's welcome on open stage night, whether you're a magician, an eloquent poet, a gifted musician, or an aspiring singer. Show what you've got and star might just be born!

The club's mix shows feature MCs who pepper the regular ragtag programmes with surprise guests.

International humour

Comedy Club Kookaburra is also known for going international. Don't know any German, but love to laugh anyway? Head out to the club any Tuesday or Saturday night for comedy in English.

Offering everything from improv classics, the Laugh Olympics, English Comedy Night with Kim Eustice, and touring international stars, Kookabura is here to help audiences train their laughing muscles for good.


Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday 20:00
Sunday 19:00