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Entrance hall of Chaussee 36
Chaussee 36 © Chaussee 36, Foto: Caroline Rose

Chaussee 36

Artistic meeting place with Prussian charm

Chaussee 36 is an architecturally significant building with Prussian roots and old world charm. Newly restored, the various spaces are used for readings, concerts, and exhibitions.

Built in 1886, this former Prussian officer's home was finally returned to his heirs after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They then sold it to the present owners,

who are lovingly restoring the building piece-by-piece. Still in a partly unfinished state, unspoilt old architecture meets modern design to create spaces that are a reminder of the splendour and wealth of older times.

Salon 36

As part of the extensive reconstruction of the different floors and areas in the house, Salon 36 has become an event space for special occasions. The Salon can be hired for celebrations such as gala evenings, readings, and exhibitions. With a total area of 250 m2, the space includes separate rooms for catering, office and storage space, where event organisers can work behind the scenes.

Residenz 36 

Stylishly designed rooms can be rented. Modern technology was cleverly integrated into the historic buildings. Spacious windows and high ceilings make the rooms bright and inviting.

Chausse 36 Photo Foundation

The show room offers plenty of space for exhibitions of any kind. Artists from Germany and beyond come here to exhibit their works. Many of them are photographers, often presenting shots taken in and around Berlin. 

Studio 36  

The site's event location is known as Studio 36. The exposed brick walls lend the whole a rustic charm. The studio is also ideal for unusual photo shoots or as a versatile location for filming thanks to its unfinished look that can be adapted as needed. The lighting conditions in the space are also particularly advantageous here, with large windows guaranteeing good light for any photo or film project.

Chaussee 36 is worth a visit, whatever the occasion. Whether you come here for a musical event or an exhibition, this historical officer's house will captivate you as soon as you cross the threshold.