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Cafe Lyrik in Berlin
Cafe Lyrik in Berlin © Gerwine Sinapius

Café Lyrik

Live music in a cosy atmosphere

Café Lyrik offers an intimate atmosphere in which to enjoy music and the traditions of swing and klezmer. Or moody Russian love songs, full-bodied like a good red wine.

Café Lyrik offers live music performances in an intimate atmosphere. There's no stage: the musicians play their songs and chansons in small groups among the audience. Between the pieces, there's always time to chat and exchange ideas.

The programme is carefully curated, yet covers a broad range of genres, including chansons and Russian love songs, classical piano, tango, and jazz. The café also preserves the traditions of swing and klezmer. 

This small venue for live concerts is located at the northern end of Kollwitzstraße and has been a part of the arts scene in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district for more than ten years. Café Lyrik open exclusively for its concert evenings from Wednesday to Saturday.

Everything's made of wood

Café Lyrik was founded in early 2004 by Cologne designer Gerwine Sinapius. Her egg tempera paintings are on permanent display.

The warm furnishings include lots of wood designed to create a cosy atmosphere. Seating, tables, shelves, and counters were made to measure by a "grumpy" carpenter, who locked himself in the café for nearly two months to complete the job. The effort was worthwhile as the space is here is particularly inviting.

Opening hours

The Cafe opens exclusively for its concert evenings from Wednesday to Saturday 19:00 – 23:59