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Federal Council in Berlin
Federal Council © Getty Images, Foto: MarioGuti

Bundesrat building

Seat of the Federal constitutional body

The Bundesrat, where the states of the Federal Republic of Germany are represented, has been located in Leipziger Strasse since 2000. Completed in 1904 under the direction of the architect Friedrich Schulze-Kolbitz, the building was initially used by the Prussian state. Today one of the five permanent constitutional bodies of the Federal Republic convenes here. After partial destruction in the Second World War and use by various East German institutions, the three wings of the building were converted into a modern parliament building at the end of the 90s.

The main architectural attraction is the impressive main portal with its figures in the tympanum, the imposing entrance hall and the cupola with the "Three Graces" in the foyer. Particularly impressive too is the daylight streaming into the bright Plenary hall through the glass roof, which makes the room seen unusually high. During the week several tours a day through the historical building are offered to interested visitors during which the tasks, role, organisation and composition of the Bundesrat are explained.

The building of the Bundesrat in Berlin
The Bundesrat building © Getty Images, Foto: AndreasWeber