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Beer garden BRLO Brwhouse at Parc Gleisdreieck in Berlin
Beer garden BRLO Brwhouse © Ulf Saupe/Done Studios Berlin/Design by NOVONO

BRLO Brwhouse

Craft Beer at Gleisdreieck Park

Katharina, Christian and Michael have created a name for themselves in Berlin with their BRLO craft beer brand. So whether you order a Helles, Pale Ale, or Weisse, the beers are all brewed artisanally in small quantities. Now, the three founders have opened their first beer garden: the Brwhouse in the Park am Gleisdreieck. Incidentally, the name BRLO is the old Slavic word that gave Berlin its name. You can thank us by having a beer for us and sharing that little tidbit of information with your friends and acquaintances.