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Close-Up Of Cocktails On Bar Counter
© Getty Images, Foto: Murat Aydin/EyeEm

Betty F***

Small, but oh my!

Betty F*** is in the heart of the historic Scheunenviertel in central Berlin. The underground bar is special due to its unique size, or rather, lack thereof, since it’s no bigger than some Berlin backrooms. But that’s exactly what gives it its charm. The bar itself takes up almost the entire room, with stools and small seats grouped around it against the walls. It’s always cosy in this uniquely furnished bar.
Another special feature is that it offers Kölsch beer on tap. At the weekend, many gays and lesbians kick off their evening at the Betty, before heading to a party. Many people also like to drop in for one last drink. Some people also simply stay for the whole evening if there’s a lively atmosphere and suddenly everyone starts dancing to 80s and 90s hits.



Opening hours

Daily from 20:00