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Gourmet dish
Fine Dining © Getty Images, Foto: Marian Vejcik

Berlins Master Chefs

The title "Berlin Master Chefs" has been awarded to Berlin's best chefs since 1997. Chosen by an independent jury, they reflect the diversity of Berlin's gastronomic scene every year. By honoring the Berlin Master Chefs, the best in cuisine, neighborhood and scene, Berlin Partner has been presenting the capital's upscale restaurant culture as the city's flagship for 25 years. Here, innovation and tradition, sustainability and future trends go hand in hand.

Berlin Master Chefs 2022

  • Berlin Master Chef 2022: Jonas Zörner, Golvet
  •  Rising star of the year 2022: Christopher Kujanski, POTS
  • Berlin host of 2022: Fabian Fischer, Bricole
  • Berlin trendy restauran 2022: Frühstück 3000
  • Berlin Kiezmeister 2022: Wen Cheng, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Berlin Bar culture 2022: Velvet Bar Berlin
  • Gastronomic innovator 2022: Cookie Heinz Gindullis, owner of „Cookies Cream”, „Crackers u.v.m.