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Berliner Bumerange mit Sonnenschein im Atelier.
Die handgemachten Berliner Bumerange im Atelier. © visitBerlin, Foto: Eveline Klink/ideenmanufaktur

Berliner Bumerang

High-quality boomerangs and instructive workshops

The boomerang is an ancient hunting tool that still continues to fascinate people with its ability to return to the thrower. The Lichtenberg-based manufactory Berliner Bumerang has dedicated itself entirely to this traditional throwing stick.

If you have always wanted a really good boomerang that actually returns, Berliner Bumerang is the place for you. They test every single part before oiling it and only boomerangs that work well go on sale. In addition, the elaborate and elegant designs of the sports equipment produced from FSC- and PEFC-certified woods fill you with enthusiasm. 

Every month, the boomerang professionals offer easy-to-understand workshops. At these five-hour events, you build your own boomerang and also learn how to throw it. No prior experience is required and children from the age of about eight onwards can attend. Berliner Bumerang also offers special throwing courses, children's birthday parties and team events. 

The manufactory is part of the B.L.O. studios, founded in 2004, in which creative people and artists work closely together. Artists from the fields of sculpture, screen printing, painting, theatre and industrial design also work in the studio spaces located on the grounds of the former railway depot of Berlin-Lichtenberg Ost.

Auswahl der handgefertigten Berliner Bumerange auf dem Boden des Ateliers.
Eine schöne Auswahl der handgefertigten Berliner Bumerange. © visitBerlin, Foto: Eveline Klink/ideenmanufaktur