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Berlin History tour through Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen

Berlin History Tours

Second World War, Reichstag and Berlin Wall

No other city informs German history like Berlin. Even today, the marks of history remain visible. Delve into Berlin’s history on the various themed tours offered by our tour guides. Learn more about the many facets of Jewish life in Berlin. Group tours are available for up to twenty-five people per tour guide.

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Current Berlin history tours (duration roughly 2 hours):

Berlin from National Socialism to the Second World War

This tour takes you from the Brandenburg Gate to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, along Voßstraße and Wilhelmstraße to the Topography of Terror*. Wilhelmstraße was a showcase of Prussia’s and the German Empire’s political power both during the Weimar Republic and National Socialism. Discover the traces of the Third Reich’s atrocities around the former Wilhelmplatz and learn more about the Nazi's plans and the liberation of the city.
Suggested route: from the Berlin Tourist Info at the Brandenburg Gate to the Topography of Terror (Niederkirchnerstraße)
Please note that admission to and a guided tour of the Topography of Terror exhibition is not included in the price.

Berlin Politics – government district including the Reichstag

Berlin as the seat of government: a tour of the centres of political power, both old and new. See offices of politics from Prussia and the German Empire:

  • Old Chancellery
  • Prussian Ministry of State
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of War
  • Reich President’s Palace

and, to contrast, the new government district with the

  • Federal Ministry (German Chancellery, Ministry of Finance)
  • Embassies
  • Ministerial Gardens
  • and the new seat of the Federal Government: the Reichstag

Suggested route: from U-Bahn stop Mohrenstraße/Zietenplatz to the Berlin Pavilion at Scheidemannstraße 1

Berlin – capital of the GDR

On our tour from Alexanderplatz to the far end of Karl-Marx-Allee, you’ll see places with a direct link to the history of the GDR. Buildings and monuments illustrate how the GDR operated, how it was governed and how its character changed over the forty years of its existence. Sights to see include the parade roads, the Plattenbauten and Stalinist buildings, the Sputnik on Café Moskau, the bust of Karl Marx, the Kino International cinema and locations from the film The Lives of Others.
Suggested route: Alexanderplatz, Haus des Lehrers, Alexanderplatz tunnel to Karl-Marx-Allee (Café Sybille)

The Wall – retracing divided and reunified Berlin

This tour will take you to the remains of the Berlin Wall in Niederkirchner Straße, the former border between East and West Berlin. The tour starts at the Brandenburg Gate, passes Potsdamer Platz and ends at the former border post known as Checkpoint Charlie. Learn about the construction and fall of the Berlin Wall, about successful escapes along the former border strip in Berlin's inner city and see how impressive and successful building and reunification projects have been since.
Suggested route: from the Berlin Tourist Info at the Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie – at the currywurst stand (Friedrichstraße)

Jewish Life in Berlin

Jewish life is evident in many spots all over Berlin. Learn more about early and modern Jewish history on three tours. You have a choice of Jewish Life in Berlin-Mitte, Jewish Life in Berlin-Charlottenburg and Jewish Life in Berlin-Schöneberg. The walk will take you on a journey back to the new beginnings of Jewish life that started with the invitation to families displaced from Vienna to come to Berlin in 1671. Discover the location of the first synagogue on Heidereutergasse and the first cemetery on Große Hamburger Straße. Moses Mendelsohn founded the first boy’s school for Jews and his final resting place is close by. Under National Socialism, non-Jewish women successfully protested on Rosenstraße for the release of their Jewish husbands. Otto Weidt hid a family in his brush factory on Rosenthaler Straße. The tour ends outside the new Synagogue on Oranienstraße.

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