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Kunsthaus ACUD
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It all started with an empty house

ACUD on Veteranenstraße in Berlin's Mitte district is the last surviving culture centre dating back to the heady years after the fall of the Wall. With its cinemas, café, art gallery, and several studios, there's always something going on at ACUD.


Rescued after turbulent times and financial ruin, ACUD in Berlin's Mitte district is the last major artistic and cultural centre to survive from the early years after reunification. It houses two cinemas and a theatre, a café, an art gallery, and various studios. If you're in Mitte, you should definitely check it out. The club is also open at night and there's always something happening in ACUD.

Founded when the opportunities seemed limitless

In 1990, the year that saw the demise of the German Democratic Republic and subsequent reunification of the two German states, Galerie ACUD was launched in abandoned apartments located on Rykestraße in the East Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg. The name ACUD comes from the first letters of the names of the four founding members. But the space quickly became too small and, in 1991, they accepted a unique opportunity to take over the empty house at Veteranenstraße 21, where the ACUD alternative art house soon became known beyond Berlin.

After renovations were completed in 2004, ACUD gradually expanded its offerings, adding a cinema, a club, a café, and gallery spaces. In 2006, a second cinema, the theatre, and the cantina opened.

Rescue in a time of need

After 20 years of rich and varied cultural work, ACUD ran into financial difficulties. The house was at risk of being sold at auction and was only just barely rescued in 2014 by a group of Berlin artists to continue serving as a venue for the arts and other events for the long term.

The ACUD MACHT NEU project, supported by Musicboard Berlin, is a joint effort by musicians, artists, curators, event organisers and residents to revive ACUD and preserve one of the few remaining free cultural spaces in Berlin's Mitte district.

The return of ACUD

The house now has a stage, a gallery, cinemas, a club and concert room, plus a large rehearsal room, a bar and numerous studios. ACUD offers spaces for music, film and performance, exhibitions, lectures, and workshops and stands open to the international and local public.