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Tranin Station Zoologischer Garten in Berlin
Tranin Station Zoologischer Garten ©; Foto: Enrico Verworner

Zoo Station : "Christiane F." / "Emil and the Detectives"

Children from Bahnhof Zoo

Bahnhof Zoo, formerly the main railway station in West Berlin, has already been the setting of very different films such as "Christiane F. - We Children from Bahnhof Zoo" (1981) and "Emil and the Detectives". The film by Uli Edel about the drug addict Christiane was partly shot directly at the train station with amateur actors.

The station in its pre-war era is shown in the film "Emil and the Detectives" (1931) based on the novel by Erich Kästner, which offers many more impressions of Berlin in this era, especially of the western part. In this film, "Mr Grundeis" sits on the terrace of the famous Café Josty on the Bundesallee.

In the action thriller "Bourne Supremacy ", the Bahnhof Zoo is the scene of a dramatic chase; however, if you take a closer look you will see that Jason Bourne runs into the Bahnhof Zoo and runs out again at the S-Bahn station Friedrichstraße.