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ZigZag Club in Berlin, musician
ZigZag Club in Berlin, musician © Dimitrios Christinas

Zig Zag Jazz Club

Zig Zag Jazz Club Berlin brings the world to its stage

Step aside, techno! In a city known for its exuberant nightlife, it comes as no surprise that Berlin is home to a vibrant jazz scene. There is a strong tradition of jazz in the city, which has its own jazz institute and many renowned musicians. It is also home to a number of outstanding jazz clubs, including the very popular Zig Zag Jazz Club Berlin. Located in Friedenau, it offers some of the best live music in town every night of the week.

International jazz greats on an intimate stage

We’re in a dimly lit lounge in Friedenau, a quiet, residential neighbourhood in southwest Berlin. A jazz trio is playing to a room packed with a mixed crowd of locals and out-of-towners, regulars and tourists. The audience is sitting just metres from the stage. Some have their eyes closed, tapping their feet, lost in reverie. Others are huddled over their drinks, sharing a quiet conversation. As day turns to dusk here at Zig Zag Club Berlin, the musicians hit their groove, exploring and pushing all the boundaries. A few notes, a single chord progression, and the mood suddenly shifts from buoyant to pensive. All eyes are now focused on the trio on stage. Before they know it, they have swept the entire audience along with them on a musical journey late into the night.

It’s evenings like this that give the Zig Zag its reputation as one of the top live music venues in Berlin. On any given night, it serves up long drinks, beer, wine and cocktails along with some of the best concerts in town. The club is a meeting place where jazz connoisseurs mingle with newcomers and local musicians improvise with the stars. It’s no wonder that the intimate venue is often sold out.

Live jam sessions happen every Tuesday at the Zig Zag, with two complimentary drinks included in the price. The club also regularly hosts the greatest talents in jazz, soul and funk with its International Highlights series. Big names like John Scofield and Billy Cobham have come from all over the world to grace its stage.

ZigZag Club in Berlin, interior
ZigZag Club in Berlin, interior © Daniel Pasche

A heart for the international jazz community 

Post-pandemic, the Zig Zag has bounced back. It’s now thriving and doing what it does best: bringing outstanding jazz musicians from all over the world to its stage. And it does so with a big heart for the international community. In 2022, it held a special event to raise funds for the people of Ukraine after the outbreak of the war. The club demonstrated its support again in 2023 with another fundraising concert, this time for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

As a beloved local institution, Zig Zag Jazz Club also sees itself as part of something much bigger. By welcoming the world to its stage and showcasing so many diverse personalities, genres and nationalities, the club broadens our musical and cultural horizons. Above all, it shows us that accolades are not all that matter in the music scene. It’s also about supporting those in need and inspiring each other to reach new heights, in a spirit of artistry and camaraderie.

Dimitris Christides, manager and programme director of the Zig Zag, is proud of the club’s success. In his words, it’s “a stop in Friedenau en route to the Montreux Jazz Festival, where big stars come to play on our little stage.” 

Five tips for your visit to Zig Zag Jazz Club:

  • The club is open every night of the week. A detailed programme is available here [link to]
  • You can book advance tickets for the concert of your choice on the website. Tickets are also available at the door, but it’s best to make a reservation. Even so, you should come early if you want to pick a seat.
  • An artist support fee of €20 - €25 is requested for most performances. Tickets for concerts from the International Highlights series cost around €45 each.
  • Take some time before the show to check out the neighbourhood. Friedenau is a lovely change of pace from the rest of the city. This quiet residential area is home to many writers, artists and academics, past and present. 
  • Just down the street from the Zig Zag is Roxy Palast, a former cinema and nightclub built in 1929. A memorial plaque on the façade recalls the notorious bombing of the La Belle discothèque in 1986.

Your visit

It's best to book online in advance and start the evening relaxed.
The ZigZag Jazz Club is very easy to reach by public transport:
Take the bus lines M48 or M85, stop Hähnelstraße, or take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn: U4, S41, S42 to Innsbrucker Platz, S1 to Friedenau.