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WISTA Adlershof

Germany’s most modern high technology park

Two people sit in front of a computer and are playing ping-pong, without joystick, without mouse, without keyboard. Because to move the digital paddles requires nothing else but the power of their thoughts. What sounds like science fiction, is in Berlin Adlershof already reality. The Fraunhofer-Institut FIRST has developed the groundbreaking “Berlin Brain Computer Interface”, a machine, which can read thoughts. The designs, which are forged in Berlin Adlershof, were simply always already high-flown. In 1909, the first German airport for motor-planes opened on the site, and Adlershof became the “Mecca” of the aircraft industry. Today, a good 100 years later, the “Wissenschafts and Wirtschaftsstandort Adlershof”, WISTA for short, is Germany’s most modern high technology park and the most important scientific, economic, and media centre in Berlin. Since 1991, on the four square kilometre large area, eleven extramural research institutions have established themselves, as well as six Humboldt University institutes and more than 800 companies. Through the exchange of knowledge between the various establishments and their worldwide networks, innumerable innovative products and new jobs have already been created. Thereby, a concentration takes place in the technology fields of the photonic and optic, micro-systems and materials, information technology IT and media, biotechnology and environmental as well as photovoltaics.