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Traditional English Teatime
Traditional English Tea Time © Getty Images, Foto: Sergio Zacchi

Victoria met Albert

Concept store with historical model

Victoria met Albert - what sounds like a quirky name for a concept store is justified here. And it shows what the history of the English Queen tells us about design.

Concept stores need a concept - it's in the name. Victoria met Albert is no exception and has chosen a German-English love story. But let's take it one step at a time. First of all, the concept store in Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain provides you with everything you need for your personal style. From matching interiors with lamps, cushions and glasses to sandals and fancy clothes. When choosing the right pieces, the history of Victoria and Albert comes into play.

Queen with PR problems

Victoria's prejudicial behaviour in the Flora Hastings affair about an alleged illegitimate pregnancy did not exactly create enthusiasm among her subjects. The Queen suddenly had a tangible PR problem. What could be more obvious than to provide her with a charming husband who would support the Queen and create enthusiasm among the people and the court? The choice fell on Albert. He had a positive effect on Victoria and they had a happy marriage.
So what does this mean for your shopping at Victoria met Albert? With all the beautiful individual pieces, make sure that the pieces harmonise well with each other. You can balance out somewhat brash pieces well by choosing a calm piece to match. That way, you'll leave Victoria met Albert with two beautiful individual pieces that also work well as a pair.