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Covering an area of more than 3,000 square kilometres, the Uckermark is the largest district in Germany – and definitely one of the most beautiful. The Uckermark is home to the only national park in Brandenburg, and Germany's only riverbank meadow national park. It has all the major types of conservation area covered by the "National Natural Landscapes" and is one of the regions with the best environmental ratings. With these facts and its distinctive natural landscapes, it provides the ideal setting for eco-tourism, complemented by a number of leisure and cultural activities.

In the Uckermark there are more than 400 lakes (created during the Ice Age) set against a backdrop of gently rolling hills. The towns and villages here are surrounded by forests, meadows, fields and water. But for those who are looking for more than just countryside and nature, there are over 200 manor houses, castles and palaces, over 160 historical churches, a number of cultural attractions, leisure parks, the thermal baths in Templin and many special offers. The Uckermark offers everything you need for a relaxing break with plenty of outdoor activities - on foot, on the water or by bike.