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On the track by railbike - Erlebnisbahn

Unexpected action on the railway lines to the north and the south of Berlin: on the tracks of the Erlebnisbahn the trains have been replaced by four-wheeled contraptions driven by several people pedalling or pumping a lever up and down. What's going on? Not everyone is familiar with this form of transport. Non-locals especially are likely to be somewhat puzzled: the railbike tours start from Zossen station south or from Templin and Fürstenberg north of Berlin. The railbike is as old as the railway itself. The muscle-powered form of transport was invented by Karl Friedrich Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn in 1817. From two up to twelve people can travel on the various models, with at least two of them having to physically pump away at the lever in order to get the wheels moving. However, you don't have to worry about oncoming traffic or going the wrong way. The last regular train run along the route more than 15 years ago.

Contact GmbH An den Wulzen 23 15806 Zossen Berlin's local train service leads you twice an hour from the city centre to the railbike station in Zossen. Summer season: Easter to October. Winter season: November to January (more dates on request).