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Tortilleria Mexa

Authentic Mexican Tortilleria in Friedrichshain

Tortilleria Mexa is a Mexican restaurant with a focus on the food, not the cocktails. Real homemade corn tortillas are skillfully crafted from red, yellow or even black flour imported from the motherland to give the main courses and street food Antojitos the edge over other Mexican eateries in Berlin.

Along with the staple chicken and beef dishes, Tortilleria Mexa also incorporates vegan and vegetarian options to accommodate all of their guests. An original touch comes by way of the imported ingredients that make each bite a taste of Mexico. Properly refried beans, unmistakable green salsas, jack cheese quesadillas, tasty tostadas and all the favourites you know and expect from authentic Mexican cuisine are on offer in this much-loved eatery in the “Boxy” restaurant mile. There is also a fine range of quality mezcals available for those who want to kick their chilli-infused meals up a notch.