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Toboggan in Berlin
Toboggan in wintertime © Getty Images, Foto: Yuri Rumovsky

Toboggan run on the Teufelsberg

Winter fun with a view over Berlin

Here you can enjoy fiendishly fast winter fun and a heavenly panoramic view on one of the fastest descents in Berlin. The Teufelsberg, which is actually two hills, looms over Berlin at 114.70 metres high. The slope is perfect for ski descents, snowboard races, or tobogganing. Forty years ago, there even used to be a ski lift and snow cannons here, which were used when there wasn't enough snow. But these disrupted the operation of the American monitoring stations located here at the time. The building has been empty for 23 years, and the idea of a new ski lift may come up for discussion again. This would give visitors more time to enjoy going down the slope.

Cross-country skiing and getting in touch with nature

A cross-country skiing trail also invites you to embark on an exciting winter experience. This gives you the chance to enjoy views of the nearby Teufelsberg or the Grunewald in peace. As well as fun in the snow, the landscape also offers treasures for nature lovers. On rare occasions you can catch a glimpse of the free-roaming foxes and wild boar.