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Familie beim Rodeln
© GettyImages, Bild: Robert Kneschke/EyeEm

Toboggan run in Freizeitpark Lübars (Lübars Leisure Park)

Winter sports on the farm

Who would have thought that the Freizeitpark Lübars (Lübars Leisure Park), a popular destination for family outings, was once a vile household waste dump between 1957 and 1981? There's no sign of this left up on the 85 metre high hill. Especially not when both young and old winter sports lovers are speeding down the 300 metre long ski and toboggan run here in winter.

There's even fun to be had when it gets dark

It's worth a visit even when it gets dark early in winter. The floodlights ensure you can keep your eye on where you're going. There's a lot of activity going on, because the descent is something for experts. Small children glide downhill more safely on the western slope. And if you get tired or hungry, or you've had enough of skiing and tobogganing, you can stop by the restaurant at the Lübars youth farm and admire the cattle, pigs, and sheep that are kept on the farmyard.