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Palace of the Republic at TimeRide Berlin
Palace of the Republic at TimeRide Berlin © TimeRide GmbH


A journey through time in the divided Berlin

The virtual reality attraction TimeRide sends you to the divided city. Berlin's newest attraction takes you into the life of the capital before reunification.


TimeRide's VR technology makes it possible to travel back in time to the divided Berlin of the 1980s and experience the past directly. You can relive the city and the way of life of its inhabitants by visiting the four stations "The Checkpoint Charlie", "The View through the Wall", "The Contemporary Witnesses" and "The Virtual Reality Journey". You can experience the Wall and the border posts as you actually were there.  

TimeRide Berlin
TimeRide Berlin © TimeRide GmbH

Highlights of the TimeRide Tour

  • Experience the border crossing of Checkpoint Charlie with VR glasses
  • A Look Behind the Wall, Life in the GDR
  • Personal stories of contemporary witnesses
  • Virtual reality ride

Certified Partner

The company is a certified partner in visitBerlin's sustainability programme. Based on 60 criteria, an external agency checks how sustainably a company operates. The criteria include, among others, the treatment of employees, the use of resources and the long-term sustainability strategy. 

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