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TimeRide Berlin
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A journey through time in the divided Berlin

The virtual reality attraction TimeRide sends you to the divided city. Berlin's newest attraction takes you into the life of the capital before reunification.


TimeRide's VR technology makes it possible to travel back in time to the divided Berlin of the 1980s and experience the past directly. You can relive the city and the way of life of its inhabitants by visiting the four stations "The Checkpoint Charlie", "The View through the Wall", "The Contemporary Witnesses" and "The Virtual Reality Journey". You can experience the Wall and the border posts as you actually were there.  

Highlights of the TimeRide Tour

  • Experience the border crossing of Checkpoint Charlie with VR glasses
  • A Look Behind the Wall, Life in the GDR
  • Personal stories of contemporary witnesses
  • Virtual reality ride

History at Checkpoint Charlie

Timeride is located directly at Checkpoint Charlie, the former border crossing for the Allies. The barrier and control barracks, flag and sandbags still remind us of the scene of the German division.
You can find out more about the Berlin Wall and escape attempts from the GDR at the Wall Museum - Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. You can experience an autumn day in divided Berlin 1980 in the Asisi Panorama - The Wall. The BlackBox at Checkpoint Charlie is a fascinating exhibition about the Cold War. Find out everything about the Trabant at the Trabi Museum.