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Theater RambaZamba

Curtains up for all

RambaZamba is a successful theatre ensemble that brings together people with and without disabilities on stage. Come on by: it will be worth it.


Its première was a complete success. Prince Weichherz, who packed seven plums in his bag before setting off to discover the world. This need to get away and start something new is what led theatre scholar Gisela Höhne and director Klaus Erforth to found RambaZamba more than 25 years ago.

Since 1990, people with and without disabilities have come together to produce shows that mean the world. The result: magical and expressive theatre projects in which each person participates in his or her special way. Individual disabilities take a back stage and the actors are free to act and draw their audiences into their spell.

They make their creative home in the former stables on the grounds of the Kulturbrauerei in the Käthe-Kollwitz neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg. The auditorium can be reached barrier-free with the lift in the foyer. There are fixed scripts or blockings at the beginning of rehearsals. The actors approach the pieces playfully and speak freely about their feelings. These emotional impressions then form the basis for a collaborative development of each piece. 

Fame beyond Berlin

The Berlin Academy of Arts has awarded the theatre and its artists multiple times for their performances.

And, as they say, quality speaks for itself. The ensemble regularly goes on tour around Germany and has even gone on a European tour.

How did Theater RambaZamba get its start?

Gisela Höhne and Klaus Erforth are parents of a child with Down syndrome. They founded the Verein Sonnenuhr for their son Moritz in 1990. The association for people with disabilities sponsors Theater RambaZamba, various art studios, and the Sonnenstrich circus.

Since 2007, a number of the jobs at the theatre have been staffed through VIA workshops, which allows the actors to turn their hobby into a career.


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